Bennet Van der Genugten

    O: 503-926-4219

    Bennet was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the Midwest where he learned at an early age competing was a part of his DNA. Before beginning his sales career Bennet was a 10X US National Champion and professional athlete in cycling. Prior to joining Keller Williams Bennet cut his teeth as an orthopaedic surgical sales consultant.

    Bennet brings an uncommon passion and optimism to his work that is a powerful tool at his client’s disposal. Bennet has worked on $100,000 condos, multi-million dollar commercial redevelopments and everything in between.

    Bennet’s proudest real estate moment:
    ‘I worked with a local family who had been trying to sell their land for years without success. I took their property to the open market and helped them find the perfect development partner, we worked together to get the necessary approvals from the city for a 19 lot subdivision. It was a long process – almost a year before we closed – but by the end I had helped my client negotiate a deal that included naming the subdivision after their family so that it remains a part of their legacy in Portland and take away nearly a million dollars cash to head into retirement.’

    Together, Ben and Bennet make a powerful team with a diverse skillset and a wealth of experience. When you work with B&B Real Estate Advisors you’re putting the best to work for you. They take pride in earning their client’s top dollar and making the selling or buying process stress free, efficient and professional.

    Bennet Van der Genugten
    Oregon Broker
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    Phone: 503-926-4219

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